Your trusted Skills Development Practitioner (SDP) since 2000.

With SDF Corp, we address the skills gap in South Africa to curb unemployment and promote economic growth.

We help you benefit from Workplace Skills Plans and Annual Training Reports with Mandatory and Discretionary Grant applications to help you fund the strategic implementation of the new plans.

We take a pragmatic approach to designing a Workplace Skills Plan that suits your business needs.

WSP and ATR submissions by professional SDFs

Grant submissions to fund strategy implementation

A strategic approach to grow your business with upskilling

For many businesses, this may be their first Skills Development journey.

We will work as part of your team to align with your business goals. Here’s what you can expect in the journey with your dedicated Skills Development Facilitator (SDF):

Identify Skills shortages in the organisation with a Skills Audit

Complete all paperwork and administration with SETAs on your behalf

Project Management of Learnerships from recruitment to tax incentives

Design a Workplace Skills Plan to address gaps

Strategically implement the Workplace Skills Plan with ongoing evaluation

A holistic approach to training, Learnerships, and Skills Development that integrates with your B-BBEE strategy

Determine course of action to obtain Mandatory/Discretionary Grants

Suggest actionable corrections necessary throughout the implementation phase

Disabled and Able-bodied Learnerships with tax incentive claims by expert consultants