Our approach to Employment Equity is simple and efficient – we help you to comply with this legislation in a structured, managed way. This removes much of the uncertainty and confusion from the process.

With its aim at sustainability, Employment Equity is meant to bring diversity over time to the workplace, at different levels and different occupational roles, leading to a more resourceful and diverse workforce.

A structured approach to Employment Equity

A strategic, long-term plan that suits your environment

All your policies and procedures for compliance

Making Employment Equity work for you.

We will work as part of your team to align with your business goals. Here’s what you can expect in putting employment equity in place:

Conduct a complete analysis of your current demographic profile

Determine and identify under-representation of specific groups

Create an Employment Equity Plan based on the analysis results' insights

Consider the broad landscape of your business - growth, expansion, trends, etc.

Consider the internal landscape of your business - promotions, resignations, retrenchments, etc.

Review and advise on your policies and procedures to ensure an Employment Equity Policy is in place

Preempt and address barriers to the recruitment and advancement of groups

We advise your teams on equal pay for equal work to ensure that all employees are paid fairly for their jobs regardless of gender, race, or other factors and that EE will not impact them negatively

Help you communicate the new policies openly and effectively to teams

Try to eliminate fear or suspicion from the workplace, display the EE Act openly, and help employees understand that EE does not prevent their promotion or other opportunities.