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For successful BEE participation, different people with different skills are required. The process does not need to be cumbersome or upsetting to your business – it can be simple and work alongside your goals.

A simplistic approach to BEE gives you a good score, and simple data management can mean the difference between a good BEE score, or missing a crucial level.

Our approach to B-BBEE compliance works on a proven strategy that has worked for hundreds of South African businesses. In order to maximise the benefits to your business, we start with a thorough analysis of your current practices and go for the “low hanging fruit” first, as they say. This means that we utilise your current systems, transactions, and data to see where you are and how it can already be used to best get there. We then fill in the gaps with strategic optimisation of your current systems and practices. Throughout this process, we use reliable verification software to monitor your real-time compliance and we strategise with you and your team to make the changes needed to achieve the level you need.


We create a simulated Scorecard with basic data from your business, starting with what you have and how that can be optimised


We optimise your existing processes and transactions to maximise the benefit to be gained from current practices, then fill the gaps


We have a reliable online calculator in partnership with VerTrax to constantly monitor the progress of implementations

The Elements Of B-BBEE Compliance Explained

  • Strategies for adjusting ownership as a Priority Element
  • Analysing the feasibility of BEE Partners
  • Investigate Ownership Schemes and strategise around it
  • Looking at how multinationality impacts your business
  • Introducing Equity Equivalent Investment Programmes
  • Exploring the feasibility of Employee Ownership Programmes (ESOP)
  • Implementing an Employee Share Ownership Plan (ESOP) with regards to the buy-in and execution
  • Evaluating Broad-based Ownership Schemes, including NPO’s, Trusts, and other special purpose methods

This works closely with our Employment Equity services.

  • Calculating your current score for the Management Control Element based on an analysis if your current Employment Equity status
  • Investigating how your current management structure can be adjusted to improve compliance without negatively affecting your operations
  • Our Employment Equity specialists review your structures and compliance to strategically address and correct any problem areas

This works closely with our Skills Development service.

  • We strategise to implement Learnerships in your company where possible
  • Our Skills Development experts analyse your current compliance, WSP/ATR submissions, and identify where you can get more funding to implement training programmes
  • With Achieve It Training we implement Learnerships and accredited training at different NQF levels
  • We assist with recruitment of learners for contract and permanent placements
  • With SDF Projects we provide project management solutions to administer all Skills Development programmes
  • We analyse and administrate the Recognition of Prior Learning to optimise what you have
  • Via SDF Commodities we provide procurement solutions to enhance compliance the legal way
  • We assess your suppliers’ BEE status, and we obtain and process their BEE certificates or affidavits
  • We monitor your BEE supply chain and identify possible risks before they can negatively impact your score
  • We maintain and process all your supplier data as it affects your BEE score
  • Our ESD experts with SDF Commodities advise you on how to best integrate your Supplier Development and Enterprise Development for the Procurement Element

This works closely with our Supplier Development Service.

  • We identify the best Supplier Development Beneficiaries for your environment
  • Each beneficiary is evaluated to ensure that they are a sustainable option
  • We advise you on how to best utilise Supplier Development in line with your business strategy
  • With SDF Commodities, we can implement Supplier Development strategies and projects

This works closely with our Enterprise Development Service.

  • Our ESD experts with SDF Commodities analyse your current environment and assist you in identifying Enterprise Development beneficiaries
  • Each beneficiary is analysed and vetted, to ensure their feasibility as a sustainable beneficiary
  • The SDF Commodities team can implement your Enterprise Development strategy with our specialist business incubator
  • We assist you in identifying beneficiaries for your socio-economic development (SED) contributions or work with your existing beneficiaries 
  • We advise you on the required spend with your real-time business data and monitor this spend as part of the B-BBEE verification lifecycle
  • We advise and strategies to ensure that your SED contributions will not go to waste, but make a real difference in communities
  • We only work with sustainable, trustworthy SED initiatives to ensure that these contributions work toward building a sustainable, stronger Aouth Africa

Our simplistic and effective BEE process will typically include these steps:

We build executive commitment and assist Directors to understand the process

We create a BEE Committee with key stakeholders responsible for each element

A key person is assigned in the organisation, responsible for data collation

We ensure we understand the executive direction for BEE activity for each element

The stakeholders of each element start implementing activities set by executives

We work with each element's stakeholders to get the most advantage from the element

All transactions are identified and interpreted for their BEE merit

Verification takes place with a verification agency and a BEE certificate is issued

A monitoring mechanism is put in place to enable progress reporting on each element

A preliminary scorecard is generated to prepare for an official rating

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