By now, most business owners have seen many reminders on the internet about the deadline for Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) and Annual Training Report (ATR) submissions that are due 30 April 2023. Skills Development legislation currently determines that any business with an annual payroll of over R500 000 must submit their WSPs and ATRs – […]

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WHAT’S INSIDE? PAGE 2 | Myths about Learnerships PAGE 3 | Learnerships in the Skills Context PAGE 4 | Regulatory Elements PAGE 5 | Funding and Financing of Learnerships PAGE 7 | Parties involved in Learnerships PAGE 8 | Implementation of Learnerships Go from new to pro – all the basics to understand Learnerships implementation:

Starting a new business: 5 Core Regulatory Frameworks you should know

If you’re starting a new business, there are a million things you’re thinking about. One of the important aspects you need to consider is your legislative compliance, regardless of your sector or industry. This post outlines the 5 core regulatory frameworks that businesses in South Africa must be aware of: BCEA: The Basic Conditions of […]

Top 10 reasons why you should have an SDF

A Skills Development Facilitator, SDF for short, is an individual that has an in-depth understanding of the Skills Development landscape. While an internal employee of your company may have this knowledge, a Skills Development Facilitator is set apart by a few key features: An in-depth understanding and strong relationships with SETAs and the Department of […]

5 Reasons to conduct a professional Skills Development and EE Evaluation

If your company pays a Skills Development Levy each month (any company with an annual payroll exceeding R500 000), it is critical to conduct a Skills Development and Employment Equity Evaluation that will enable you to accurately implement and monitor your efforts: It allows you to identify shortfalls, gaps, signs of EE non-compliance, and discrepancies […]

Should my Small Business submit a WSP/ATR before 30 April?

Are you wondering if it’s worth the effort of submitting your WSP/ATR during this year’s Skills Submission period? Our team always recommends that clients complete these submissions, even if they never have before. Here are 5 top reasons to submit your WSP/ATR this year: You want to complete your B-BBEE Verification in your financial year: […]

Skills Development Submissions 2021 – what you need to know

The Skills Development Submissions period for 2021 is now in full swing – here’s what businesses need to know. What is the Skills Development Submissions period? This period, stretching from January to 30 April each year, is the time during which a company’s Skills Development Facilitator will compile the Workplace Skills Plan and Annual Training […]

Get Started with Skills Development – Free PDF Download

Are you getting started with Skills Development? Whether you are starting with one Learnership or a large enterprise spending millions on their Skills Development strategy, our basic guide to Skills Development will give you all the information you need to start executing your Skills Development with confidence: What is Skills Development What are the benefits […]

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Determine how much you can afford to spend in Skills Development, or how much you need to spend for your B-BBEE implementation in the coming year. Make a list of all the critical skills in your business, and why they are important. Identify persons that have those skills and those who are eligible to learn […]

How to align Skills Development with Employment Equity

When planning for Skills Development or Employment Equity, the one must always be considered with the other. Employment Equity is never a “hire and fire” thing to get racial profiles right.  In the true spirit of Employment Equity legislation, true transformation with competent candidates must be sustainably activated – this means that employees must be […]