What you need to know about B-BBEE Sworn Affidavits


Around September 2020, new updated Sworn Affidavit Templates were posted to the DITC website. While no policy amendments were made, the affidavit templates were updated to provide further guidance in terms of how it must be completed. One change worth noting on these templates is that the latest financial year-end *DATE,MONTH,YEAR* must be displayed to ensure that there is no room for misinterpretation.

FAQs about B-BBEE Sworn Affidavits

  1. Who can use a B-BBEE Sworn Affidavit? Any company that is exempt from B-BBEE compliance because their turnover is less than R10 million per annum. Typically start-ups and Exempt Micro Enterprises (EMEs) and Qualifying Small Enterprises (QSEs).
  2. How do I get a B-BBEE Sworn Affidavit? You can simply download the template from the CIPC or the dtic websites. Then, a Commissioner of Oath will sign it with your business details.
  3. What do I need to complete a B-BBEE Sworn Affidavit? You will need your business information, including the percentage of black ownership *IF ANY* in your business to indicate on the form.
  4. How long is the B-BBEE Sworn Affidavit valid? You need to obtain a new affidavit annually.
  5. What happens if your B-BBEE Sworn Affidavit is not in order or accurately completed? Trading with an invalid or fraudulent B-BBEE Verification Certificate is an offence which could lead to fines of up to 10% of a company’s annual turnover. Individuals involved could be imprisoned for up to 10 years.

Download B-BBEE Sworn Affidavit templates here: