#BEEready: What to do if you are registered under the incorrect SETA?

If you find out you are registered under the incorrect SETA, your must follow these steps: 1. Complete an IST01 (inter-SETA transfer) document, available online or from your SDF. 2. Submit the IST01 to your current incorrect SETA to be signed off and processed to the new correct SETA. 3. When submitting an IST01, be […]

#BEEready: How does your BEE level affect the SDL benefit from SARS?

In short: It doesn’t. Anyone that pays their Skills Development Levy to SARS monthly, can benefit from the claims and whether you are BEE compliant or the level of BEE compliance has no influence. However, if you do BEE and you can claim that benefit and use it towards your BEE spend for Skills Development, […]


By now, most business owners have seen many reminders on the internet about the deadline for Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) and Annual Training Report (ATR) submissions that are due 30 April 2020. Skills Development legislation currently determines that any business with an annual payroll of over R500 000 are required to submit their WSPs and […]