#BEEready: What does it mean to be “discounted”?

In BEE, discounted is NOT ‘disqualified’ – it simply means that you are “dropping a level”, or penalised with a level for not reaching the subminimum requirement on a priority element. Example: If you score 73/100 points overall when you are verified, and you did NOT comply with the subminimum of 40% compliance for the […]

#BEEready: What is a Priority Element?

Across all BEE Scorecards, there are Priority Elements with which you MUST comply at a minimum of 40%. The Priority Elements are: Ownership Skills Development Preferential Procurement and Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) If you are a QSE (turnover between R10million – R50million) and you HAVE Ownership (51% or more) then you can be verified […]