Supplier Development is the process of working with suppliers already in your Supply Chain on a one-on-one basis to improve their performance for the benefit of the buying organisation (you).

If your suppliers have a turnover of over R10million, you need to promote their BEE compliance or switch to a new supplier that are compliant to prevent them negatively affecting your BEE compliance.

Determine the impact of your current suppliers on your BEE score.

Risk management to mitigate your potential loss of market share due to non-compliance.

Create an action plan to promote Supplier Development wit minimal disruption

How SDF Corp helps Supplier Development:

Determine how many of your current suppliers are BEE compliant or not

Calculate the amount of spend on non-compliant suppliers and its BEE impact

With your team we move to risk management to determine the long-term negative impact of non-compliant suppliers

Our risk management calculations considers a potential loss of market share due to a declining BEE score

We assist with your supply chain to make your suppliers more BEE compliant, with minimal operational impact

Your suppliers will start to positively impact your BEE score and you can more readily compete for market share without disrupting your supply chain