Following the COVID-19 Lockdown across South Africa, regulatory announcements have indicated that some SETA deadlines for WSP/ATR Submissions are extended to 31 May 2020 – a month after the original annual submission date on 30 April. This extension applies across all SETAs, but not automatically – for many SETAs you will still need to apply for an extension of this deadline or risk missing the deadline and losing much-needed grants going forward.

We have compiled a list of all SETAs and their deadlines according to their latest communications and announcements, indicating whether you need to apply for a deadline extension or if it will be automatically applied:

SETAWSP/ATR Submission Deadline
Cathsseta30 April 2020 – Must apply for Extension
Chieta30 April 2020 – Must apply for Extension
Foodbev30 April 2020 – Must apply for Extension
Merseta30 April 2020 – Must apply for Extension
Services30 April 2020 – Must apply for Extension
Teta31-May-2020 – Must apply for Extension

The guidelines for applying for extensions are issued by each SETA – if you need to apply for a SETA extension, contact the SDF Corp team anytime and we will be glad to assist and advise you through this process to prevent you from missing the submission deadline and missing out on Mandatory or Discretionary Grant funding going forward.

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