How to align Skills Development with Employment Equity

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  • When planning for Skills Development or Employment Equity, the one must always be considered with the other.
  • Employment Equity is never a “hire and fire” thing to get racial profiles right. 
  • In the true spirit of Employment Equity legislation, true transformation with competent candidates must be sustainably activated – this means that employees must be identified and career planning workshops must be conducted with these employees to get them into key positions, and have them competent and qualified when they get there.
  • So, it is always best to consider Employment Equity with Skills Development advice versa to achieve a strategic approach that makes business sense.
  • When planning for Employment Equity, determine the short, medium, and long term transformation goals.
  • Then, have your Skills Development budget for the next year at hand.
  • If you aren’t sure what your Skills Development budget should be, talk to a B-BBEE expert to help you make those calculations.
  • Identify the training that has to be completed in the following year to reach EE goals, and that fits in your Skills Development budget.
  • Determine how the training that was already implemented can be leveraged for furthering the career paths of individuals that fit the transformation goals
  • Determine how the training that you are planning to implement, can later be leveraged to promote employees even more
  • Finally, have back-up plans in place in case the employees that form part of the transformation strategy are no longer with your company for whatever reason.