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WHAT’S INSIDE? PAGE 2 | Myths about Learnerships PAGE 3 | Learnerships in the Skills Context PAGE 4 | Regulatory Elements PAGE 5 | Funding and Financing of Learnerships PAGE 7 | Parties involved in Learnerships PAGE 8 | Implementation of Learnerships Go from new to pro – all the basics to understand Learnerships implementation:

B-BBEE Commission provides clarity on certain share options

In this letter, the B-BBEE Commission addresses Ownership schemes implemented with the aim of achieving a Level 2 or 1 Status. However, in many of these schemes the most basic requirements are not satisfied, defying the spirit of B-BBEE legislation:

SETA Submission Deadlines – do I need to apply for extension?

Following the COVID-19 Lockdown across South Africa, regulatory announcements have indicated that some SETA deadlines for WSP/ATR Submissions are extended to 31 May 2020 – a month after the original annual submission date on 30 April. This extension applies across all SETAs, but not automatically – for many SETAs you will still need to apply […]