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Achieve-it Training Centre is an Accredited NPC that offers Business Administration NQF Level 2. With Achieve It Training Centre, we are building the future of South Africa with a qualified workforce, empowered people, skilled professionals, and creating a sustainable future for all. WE OFFER: Learnerships Skills Programmes Short Courses online Accredited qualifications Funding application with […]

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WHAT’S INSIDE? PAGE 2 | Myths about Learnerships PAGE 3 | Learnerships in the Skills Context PAGE 4 | Regulatory Elements PAGE 5 | Funding and Financing of Learnerships PAGE 7 | Parties involved in Learnerships PAGE 8 | Implementation of Learnerships Go from new to pro – all the basics to understand Learnerships implementation:

Starting a new business: 5 Core Regulatory Frameworks you should know

If you’re starting a new business, there are a million things you’re thinking about. One of the important aspects you need to consider is your legislative compliance, regardless of your sector or industry. This post outlines the 5 core regulatory frameworks that businesses in South Africa must be aware of: BCEA: The Basic Conditions of […]

Top 10 reasons why you should have an SDF

A Skills Development Facilitator, SDF for short, is an individual that has an in-depth understanding of the Skills Development landscape. While an internal employee of your company may have this knowledge, a Skills Development Facilitator is set apart by a few key features: An in-depth understanding and strong relationships with SETAs and the Department of […]

5 Reasons to conduct a professional Skills Development and EE Evaluation

If your company pays a Skills Development Levy each month (any company with an annual payroll exceeding R500 000), it is critical to conduct a Skills Development and Employment Equity Evaluation that will enable you to accurately implement and monitor your efforts: It allows you to identify shortfalls, gaps, signs of EE non-compliance, and discrepancies […]

Skills Development Submissions 2021 – what you need to know

The Skills Development Submissions period for 2021 is now in full swing – here’s what businesses need to know. What is the Skills Development Submissions period? This period, stretching from January to 30 April each year, is the time during which a company’s Skills Development Facilitator will compile the Workplace Skills Plan and Annual Training […]

Starting with Skills Development? Start here.

Determine how much you can afford to spend in Skills Development, or how much you need to spend for your B-BBEE implementation in the coming year. Make a list of all the critical skills in your business, and why they are important. Identify persons that have those skills and those who are eligible to learn […]

How to align Skills Development with Employment Equity

When planning for Skills Development or Employment Equity, the one must always be considered with the other. Employment Equity is never a “hire and fire” thing to get racial profiles right.  In the true spirit of Employment Equity legislation, true transformation with competent candidates must be sustainably activated – this means that employees must be […]

Strategies to help employees reach their Skills Development goals

For companies participating in B-BBEE, large amounts of money are often dedicated to Skills Development. Training employees is a great way to elevate them, motivate them, promote their career paths, and contribute to a higher standard of living and opportunities for individuals. But, what if it feels like you’re not seeing a return on investment […]