Starting with Skills Development? Start here.

Determine how much you can afford to spend in Skills Development, or how much you need to spend for your B-BBEE implementation in the coming year. Make a list of all the critical skills in your business, and why they are important. Identify persons that have those skills and those who are eligible to learn […]

How to align Skills Development with Employment Equity

When planning for Skills Development or Employment Equity, the one must always be considered with the other. Employment Equity is never a “hire and fire” thing to get racial profiles right.  In the true spirit of Employment Equity legislation, true transformation with competent candidates must be sustainably activated – this means that employees must be […]

Strategies to help employees reach their Skills Development goals

For companies participating in B-BBEE, large amounts of money are often dedicated to Skills Development. Training employees is a great way to elevate them, motivate them, promote their career paths, and contribute to a higher standard of living and opportunities for individuals. But, what if it feels like you’re not seeing a return on investment […]

Our Business Case

For QSEs and South African Businesses Meet Brandon, a South African Business Owner. His construction company has 48 employees, but he struggles to find time and money to train them in specialist skills. Our solution: We help him implement Learnerships, which allows for maximum operational productivity and lowest downtime, while his team gets training. We […]

Why should organizations implement skills development, now more than ever?

While the full impact of COVID-19 on South Africa is still unclear, we can all agree that this pandemic has brought both negative and positive change for businesses. Looking at the socio-economic consequences caused by this pandemic, businesses have been faced with difficult decisions as the pandemic forced an increased unemployment rate and loss of […]

#BEEready: Can you claim ETI for Skills Programmes or Full Qualifications?

Yes, you can claim ETI for both Skills Programmes and Full Qualifications. The only criteria are that the learner is between the ages of 18-29. To be on the safe side, ensure that your Learnerships Agreements, Skills Programme Agreements, or any other formal agreement with the learner is in place. These agreements can be requested […]

#BEEready: What to do if you are registered under the incorrect SETA?

If you find out you are registered under the incorrect SETA, your must follow these steps: 1. Complete an IST01 (inter-SETA transfer) document, available online or from your SDF. 2. Submit the IST01 to your current incorrect SETA to be signed off and processed to the new correct SETA. 3. When submitting an IST01, be […]