Employment Equity is not a tickbox exercise – don’t just “show up”, buy in

Transformation is a topic high on the agenda of many important and necessary conversations in South Africa. True transformation is never a linear process – it seldom starts at an identifiable point and it does not always have a definitive end point. Along the way there are some legislative procedures to follow, but true transformation […]

How to get a BEE Certificate

Our team has put together a quick guide to how to get a BEE Certificate: Determine the B-BBEE level you need to obtain. Identify the set of BEE Codes that will govern your strategy – i.e. what is applicable to your industry and scope. Align your Ownership structure for the level you need. For some […]

Our Business Case

For QSEs and South African Businesses Meet Brandon, a South African Business Owner. His construction company has 48 employees, but he struggles to find time and money to train them in specialist skills. Our solution: We help him implement Learnerships, which allows for maximum operational productivity and lowest downtime, while his team gets training. We […]

How will the 2020 Employment Equity changes affect my business?

Jump to: What do these changes mean for my business? The Employment Equity Amendment Bill of 2020 has been approved by Parliament. It now only needs the President’s signature to take effect, and many businesses will be impacted by these changes. IN A NUTSHELL The proposed amendments to Employment Equity legislation will give the Minister […]

When do you need in-house expertise?

When it comes to BEE, Employment Equity and even Skills Development it is often difficult to decide if you should 1) appoint a person in-house to do these tasks; 2) upskill someone in-house to do these tasks; 3) hire an external party to do these tasks for you. Each of these approaches has up- and […]

EE – who must comply?

Employment Equity legislation is compulsory for all Designated Employers – here’s how to know if you are a Designated Employer. If you answer YES to any of the following questions, you are a Designated Employer: Do you employ 50 or more people? Do you employ less than 50 people BUT your total annual turnover exceeds […]

Doing Employment Equity right – everything you need to know

The Department of Labour (DoL) is getting stricter on the enforcement of Employment Equity, and in our experience companies tend to take a reactive approach when it comes to Employment Equity implementation in that they only start the process when they receive an intention to audit from the DoL. The DoL has picked up on […]

5 Steps to make Skills Development programmes work for you and your employees

Do you feel that Skills Development spend is an unavoidable burden that drains funds that could have been put to better use elsewhere? If you relate to this at all, then your Skills Development programme is probably not working for you or your employees. Having honest and open conversations with your employees about their Skills […]

The Basics of OHS in South Africa right now

In South Africa now, Google searches for “workplace safety” and “regulation” (as a related search term) have increased to the highest number of searches in the past year – amidst the COVID-19 global pandemic and South Africa’s lockdown regulations allowing more people to return to the workplace premises, it is essential for employers and employees […]