Our Business Case

For QSEs and South African Businesses Meet Brandon, a South African Business Owner. His construction company has 48 employees, but he struggles to find time and money to train them in specialist skills. Our solution: We help him implement Learnerships, which allows for maximum operational productivity and lowest downtime, while his team gets training. We […]

Listen: @SpotlightOn interview with BenPeta Holdings

#SpotlightOn features some of South Africa’s upcoming, most inspiring individuals at the forefront of innovation. In this episode, we speak to Ntobeko Boyana from BenPeta on the work they are doing to create a water secure South Africa and how the private sector can get involved with this great initiative.

When do you need in-house expertise?

When it comes to BEE, Employment Equity and even Skills Development it is often difficult to decide if you should 1) appoint a person in-house to do these tasks; 2) upskill someone in-house to do these tasks; 3) hire an external party to do these tasks for you. Each of these approaches has up- and […]


SDF Corp has drafted and distributed an open letter to stakeholders of BEE and Skills Development in South Africa, containing a call for intervention from the private sector. This one letter requests answers and clarification on specific measures that have been imposed during this National Lockdown, and urgent intervening measures that have to be taken […]

How businesses can benefit from Learnerships and Tax Rebates

Skills Development is a key element of B-BBEE compliance, making it imperative for businesses to focus on this element of their operations. With the revised BEE Scorecard in effect, companies must spend 3% (QSE Scorecard) or 6% (Generic Scorecard) of their annual payroll on training initiatives to potentially gain maximum Skills Development points for their […]