#BEEready: What is your BEE Level if you have an affidavit?

  • Many people assume you’ll automatically get a Level 1 BEE Compliance with your affidavit, but that’s not true.
  • For an EME, you’ll get an affidavit for a Level 1, Level 2, or Level 4 based on the actual percentage of direct black ownership in your company.
  • So that clears up the perception that only 100% black ownership companies can be BEE compliant. If you have 100% black direct ownership, that’s a level 1. For 51% black ownership, you can get a Level 2 and for less than 50% black direct ownership you’ll get a Level 4 BEE Compliance with your affidavit.
  • Utilizing an affidavit is quite easy, but it becomes more complex when you have to comply with the full elements of the BEE scorecard as your company grows or you decide to participate in the tendering process.